Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, University of Alberta


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Alberta



Artists’ Choice Exhibition, Federation Gallery, Vancouver


N3XTCANADA National Arts Competition, Arts & Letters Club, Toronto


Shapeshifter, Artpoint Gallery, Calgary

Hambidge 2019 Art Auction, The Works, Atlanta, USA

Ruthless Abandon, Common Sense, Edmonton


Hambidge 2018 Art Auction, Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, USA

New Works, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Ireland

Hambidge Suite, Common Sense, Edmonton


Text + ImageBleeding Heart Art Space, Edmonton

Metals/Myth, Common Sense, Edmonton


Sculpture Alley, Common Sense, Edmonton


Brain Storms: UAlberta Creates, Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton


Looking Back, Common Sense, Edmonton

ECAS 20th Annual Exhibition, Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton


Shady Gardens, Common Sense, Edmonton

Inspired by Travel, Leighton Art Foundation, Calgary


Open Studio Exhibition, Common Sense, Edmonton

ECAS 19th Annual Exhibition, Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton

Adaptation and Alteration, Art Gallery of St. Albert, St. Albert


ECAS 18th Annual Exhibition, Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton

Sights to See, Common Sense, Edmonton

National Portrait Gallery, Latitude 53, Edmonton


Portrait Helmets, Common Sense, Edmonton

ECAS 17th Annual Exhibition, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton

Wearable Art Awards Exhibition, Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody, BC

Wearable Art Awards Performance, City Hall Galleria, Port Moody, BC

Sculpture In Our Time, Common Sense, Edmonton


ECAS 16th Annual Exhibition, Common Sense, Edmonton

Dirty Noisy Smelly, Western Avenue Studios, Lowell, MA, USA

Lambton II: Five Years Later, The Lambton Institute of Advanced Modernism, Edmonton


New Directions, Stollery Gallery, Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, Edmonton

ECAS 15th Annual Exhibition, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton

Flat, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Free For All, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton


Will and Representation, Sculpture by Invitation: Shaw Conference Centre Plaza, Edmonton

ECAS 14th Annual Exhibition, Planet Ze Gallery, Edmonton

Big Things 4, Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton

Sculpture on the Plaza, Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, USA


ECAS 13th Annual Exhibition, Great West Saddlery Building, Edmonton

Vernissage, Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Alberta Centennial Sculpture Exhibition, Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton


ECAS 12th Annual Exhibition, Great West Saddlery Building, Edmonton

Big Things 3, The Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton

Six Sculptors, Lando Gallery, Edmonton


ECAS 11th Annual Exhibition, Great West Saddlery Building, Edmonton

Domesticity, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton

Big Things 2, The Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton


Desperate Measures, The Works Gallery, Edmonton

North Edmonton Sculpture Workshop, Global Visions Film Festival, Edmonton

Edmonton Sculpture: The Next Generation, Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton

Big Things, The Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton

Front Room Sculpture, Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton


ECAS 9th Annual Exhibition, Great West Saddlery Building, Edmonton

Sculpture– The Works: 2001, Art Expo 2001, Edmonton


Recent Works, The Works Visual Arts Festival, Edmonton


Modern Artifacts, Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton


What’s New, Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Edmonton Art Gallery

Proclamation, Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton

Awards, Grants, Scholarships, and Residencies

2018 – 2019

Creative Director – The Local Cannabist, Edmonton


Tyrone Guthrie Centre Artist Residency – Annaghmakerrig, Monaghan, Ireland

Travel Grant – Edmonton Arts Council Community Investment Program 


Hambidge Fellow – Hambidge Creative Residency Program – Rabun Gap, Georgia

Travel Grant – Edmonton Arts Council Community Investment Program 


Art Award – Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations


Top Forty Under Forty Award – Avenue Magazine 


Wearable Art Awards Headdress Category First Prize – City of Port Moody


Column of the Year Award – Connect2Edmonton

Project Grant – Alberta Foundation for the Arts 


Project Grant – Alberta Foundation for the Arts 


Travel Grant – Edmonton Arts Council Community Investment Program 


Project Grant – Alberta Foundation for the Arts 

Award – Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund


Award – Lee Fund for the Arts 

Project Grant – Alberta Foundation for the Arts 


Project Grant – Alberta Foundation for the Arts 


Helen Collinson Memorial Award – Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund 


Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award – University of Alberta


Melba Sadler Graduate Scholarship in Art and Design – University of Alberta


Award for Excellence in Sculpture – Investors Group 

Collections & Commissions

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

All Weather Windows

City of Edmonton

City of Red Deer

The Establishment Brewing Company

Northern Metallurgical Laboratories Ltd.

Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden, Dalton GA

Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Ireland

University of Alberta Museums

Private collections in Canada and the United States

Gallery Representation

Common Sense, 10546 – 115 Street, Edmonton, AB.

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